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Process Definition



Almost everything we do in life involves a process. Whether you're making cookies, installing a home satellite dish or paying an invoice, a process is involved.

A process can be defined as a series of value-added tasks that are linked together to turn inputs into a product or service output. It must have two or more activities that serves a purpose for an organization. They can be defined at many different levels and with various boundaries. Furthermore:

  • Processes must have a beginning and an end.
  • Processes are co-ordinated activities that involve people, procedures, technology and infrastructure
  • Processes constitute a significant portion of organizational costs.
  • An organization is only as effective as its processes.
  • All work is part of a process that starts and ends with a customer.


An ideal process will comprise of three main attributes:

  • Making processes efficient means minimizing the resources used.
  • Making processes effective means producing the desired results.
  • Making processes adaptable means being able to adapt to changing customer and business needs.

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